Race Engines

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Jaguar XJS European Touring Car

Joined TWR in 1984 and started on this project.

Sub Assembly Technician Engine Builder
Supported tests and races throughout Europe including Bathurst “James Hardy 1000 kms”.

TWR Jaguar Group C Sports Program

WR Sportcar Program

Engine builder on V12 program
Supported team at European and long hall races including Le Mans, Fuji and Suzuka in Japan.

V12 Engine
Built many engines over the whole program for the IMSA and World Championship.
Worked on the first 48 valve engine that raced at Brandshatch.

TWR JV6 Turbo engine for the Group C program.
Built many engines for both World and IMSA championships
Latter Group C engine produced over 1000 bhp.
Supported team at tests and races throughout Europe

Nissan Indy Project

Workshop Supervisor in Race Engine Division on the Nissan Infinity Project

Ran workshop for all engines produced including Indy 500 races during the program.
Project came to an abrupt end when Nissan pulled out of the series.

Nissan Infinity Engine
Produced 48 engines supporting around 5 teams.
Supervised workshop with 23 employees from Sub Assembly to Main Assembly and dyno test.
Engines ran at maximum RPM for up to 500 miles.
Fuel used, Methanol.

Superleague Formula

Workshop Supervisor during project

31 engines produced

Single make engine and chassis

V12 producing around 740 bhp

Engine completed and installed into transport box for delivery to team or transport in race truck to race event