Why choose MNE

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There are plenty of reasons why our customers choose to use us. It might be for the
unrivalled level of experience we can call on, the high quality of our work, the friendly,
personal service and aftercare we offer or any combination of these, and many other
factors that make us stand out from our competitors:

• 24 hour security, 365 days a year.

• Over 35 years experience in race engine building / development.

• Over 30 years experience in the Motocross industry.

• We raced ourselves, so we understand the importance of getting things right.

• We can diagnose engine issues & improve durability.

• Moving with the times, fuel injection is the way ahead, we use PC’s to modify both
fuel & ignition mapping.

• We develop on the track & on the rolling road.

• We only use quality components.

• First class facilities

• Any cleaning /machining is done away from the build area.

• Clean engine build environment.

• Machining facilities including milling machine and lathe.